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  • Supertop F1 Cava Cantiere 00
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supertop F1brochureIT.pdf

A dump trailer equipped with a rounded tipping body, the Supertop F1 is a lightweight, sturdy and stable model.

The semi-trailer is completely automated, easy to use even for the less experienced in quarry and building site trans-portation.

 Thanks to several accessories you can configure the semi-trailer for specific uses: the tailgate has a complete hy-draulic opening (which can be set to partial) and can also be activated with an empty vehi-cle. The shaped slot to transport coils on the cargo bed, and the roadside work site kit (bed cleaning kit, neo-prene covering, extension for feeding pavers).

Available in the following sizes

– 6.90 m

– 7.30 m

– 7.60 m

– 8.50 m

– 9.50 m