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The vehicle most fit to replace the classic fixed cargo bed semi-trailer, with many extra features and a very interesting tare.
It combines the qualities of a flatbed with those of a side dumper semi-trailer.
Suitable for many types of hauling, it fits into the multipurpose vehicle category.  Its name, Libero, means “free”, expressing the concept which the vehicle represents.
A 13.66 side-dumper semi-trailer with either single or double dump body, steel structure and paneling of the cargo bed, independently opening sidewalls with aluminum alloy frames available in several heights from 800 mm to 1200 mm, extractable or flippable two-lever or four-lever struts available in painted, stainless or flower embossed steel.
The Libero has a wide array of configuration possibilities: starting with a single cargo body with rising and lowering curtain frame and  two-directional sliding roof, to a double cargo body with arches and posts or the Zamuner covering system, up to the double cargo body with rising and lowering curtain frame and two-directional sliding roof.
It sums up the qualities of a fixed cargo bed and a side-dumper in its single cargo body configuration, and expresses the maximum potential of a side-dumper in its double cargo body version. In this last configuration the cargo bodies naturally come with independent tipping control and the possibility to choose their size among the available configurations.
Extremely rich list of accessories: sidewall extensions , shaped through slots, various storage units and tool crates and a series of uprights, pulleys and cargo-blocking u-bolts.